TOP 8 Rude Looking Plants That Look So Weird

We have collected the most unusual plants in the world: some of them are beautiful, some are rude, and many smell unpleasant and resemble alien monsters.

1. Psychotria elata – Kissable Plant

Psychotria elata: image This unusual flower rightfully holds the title of the world’s spiciest flower and has the nickname “hot lips” for its bright red inflorescences.

As soon as you see a picture of this plant, you will unmistakably find the flower’s resemblance to half-opened lips that invite a kiss. Besides its unusual appearance, this plant has something to surprise us.

No matter how much you want to surprise your other half with such beauty, it will be difficult for you to accomplish it. The fact is that the pretty lady prefers only very delicate weather conditions and grows mainly in Central and South American countries, such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama. Like any woman, she is capricious and very fastidious.

It is hard to believe, but nowadays, due to uncontrolled deforestation, the rainforest charmer is hard to find in her natural habitat. It is on the endangered species list. Efforts are being made to conserve it, but it is difficult and expensive to do so.

In fact, the red “petal lips” are nothing more than bracts, i.e., modified leaves. They serve to attract pollinators, such as butterflies and hummingbirds. After pollination, they lose their former attractiveness rather quickly and retreat to the background so as not to interfere with the process of fruit formation.

The tropical temptress is difficult to reproduce.

Some endangered plants reproduce quite easily in certain climates. It likes heat and specific soil and air moisture, otherwise it will not grow. It also does not tolerate direct sunlight, but the growing location must be bright.

Some of the most popular choices include: “lady’s lips,” “kissing flower,” “flower lips,” and even “poutine lips.”
The plant is thought to have been common as a Valentine’s Day gift. However, now, given the declining population situation, it is no longer given as a gift.

In addition to being used as a gift, it has also been used to heal those who are suffering. The bark and leaves were used to treat skin rashes, ear ailments and coughs, and to treat shortness of breath.

2. Anguloa Uniflora – Swaddled Babies Orchid

Anguloa Uniflora – Swaddled Babies Orchid: image As Eric Hansen observed, you can give up women, food, and other pleasures, but not orchids. This amazing species of orchid has the Latin name Anguloa uniflora. In common parlance, it is called the “Babies in diapers” flower. Since the flowers of the presented orchid resemble babies swaddled and sleeping in a cradle.

Incredible appearance is one of the reasons for the increased attention to the flower. It has a pleasant and delicate fragrance, which attracts many insects. It looks gentle, sweet and just magical.

The petals are white, milk-cream color, yellow, white-pink shades are folded in an intricate cradle design.

From the side, the flower resembles an unopened tulip, which is why this orchid is sometimes called an orchid – a tulip.

“Baby” can sometimes differ from the main shade of the flower having bright yellow or pink flecks.

3. Naked Man Orchid

Naked Man Orchid: image This rare orchid is very remarkable and unusual. From afar, you can see the beautiful inflorescences, but if you get closer and look closely, each petal makes you smile. The petals resemble a naked man in a headdress. It’s easy to spot the gender – it’s a man!

These funny “men” are suggestive – Mother Nature certainly has a sense of humor.

Nature did her best to create orchids with unusual, bizarre shapes, coloring of petals. So different, unique, we can only admire or wonder at their beauty.

In fact, this genus of orchids takes its name from the ancient Greek and means testicle, thanks to the tubers.

Orchis Italica belongs to the orchids that grow on the ground. It is listed in Italy in the Red Book.

Pure white specimens are rare.

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4. Clitoria Ternatea – Vagina Plant

Clitoria Ternatea – Vagina Plant: image Clitoria ternatea is an evergreen herbaceous plant of the legume family, a wonderful creature of nature that has several names. The name of the plant in Latin is Clitoria.

Flowers of unusual shape, the range of colors which depends on the variety – white, shades of blue-blue and even pink. After flowering, a fruit is formed – a bean. Flowering time is from late spring to fall, and with good care – all year round.

It can be seen growing, twisting vines, reaching lengths of up to 11 feet . It can also grow as a shrub. This plant likes tropical and temperate climates.

The flower originated in Asia. Some species of clitoria are native to the Americas. The variety of colors of this tropical creature simply amaze flower lovers. It has medicinal qualities and is used in medicine.

Clitoria flowers can be used to brew a drink with a stunning, deep blue-sapphire color, which not only tastes good, but is also an antioxidant.

It is a godsend for women, not only does it purify the blood and rejuvenate the body, but it also prevents hair loss and even aging.

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5. Peter pepper

Peter pepper: image The phallic shape of its pods has made it widely popular and has won several awards, including the title of the world’s most pornographic pepper by Organic Gardening magazine.

Peter pepper, especially its red-fruited variety, is often described as a miniature replica of an uncircumcised male penis, for which reason it is also called Chili Willy, which means “chili penis”, or simply penis pepper. Each pod of Peter Pepper Red is covered with a folded, knobby skin and has a rounded, cleft tip.

Numerous sources also note the high pungency of this chili, which reaches 10,000-23,000 on the Scoville scale.

Chilli Willy peppers secrete a burning oil, so contact with its fresh fruit can cause burns. Grinding the dried fruit of this pepper produces a fine, almost invisible powder that irritates the skin and can even cause choking.

In general, Peter Pepper has not found a spread in cooking and for the most part is eaten only in pickled form. It is usually grown for ornamental purposes, for its exotic fruit.

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6. Phallus Impudicus

Phallus Impudicus: image From a slippery egg-like ball of green inside, the mushroom turns into a real “bean tree” in about a month. The stalk grows at a cosmic rate. The stalk has a brown stinky cap that smells so intense that it can be smelled from several feet away.

The mushroom needs this trick to attract the insects that spread the mushroom’s spores. The mushroom also has its obvious phallic shape after maturation.

The smell is reminiscent of a radish. There is no mushroom smell at all. There have been cases where mushroom hunters have found as many as a hundred of these eggs in one place. If you find one fruiting body, be sure to look around, you will find brothers as well.

Also Phallus impudicus is considered the fastest growing mushroom in the world!

“Stinkhorn” was considered the best way to induce feelings of love, and the mature mushroom was considered poisonous.

Folk medicine uses aqueous and alcoholic tinctures of fresh or dried fruit bodies.

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7. Amorphophallus Titanum

Amorphophallus Titanum: image Titan arum is a charming flower found mainly in the tropical forests of Indonesia.

This flower has not only an outstanding size but also a great name, if you translate it from the ancient Greek to “shapeless penis”, the resemblance is obvious. The size of this “penis” in the envy of many, reaches 6-10 feet in height.

Amorphophallus titanum blooms quite rarely, opening its buds within 2-3 weeks, after which it blossoms within 2-3 days, but you will never forget its fragrance, which I compare to the smell of a rotting corpse. Not without reason this flower has received a couple of names “cadaver flower” and “voodoo lily”. Would you like to grow yourself such a “fragrant willy”?

8. Sausage Tree

Sausage Tree: image Because of the characteristic shape of the fruit, the locals call it Sausage tree, or sausage tree. The scientific name is Kigelia Africana.
Sausage fruits are quite large, they weigh 2.20 lb each and can be up to 5 feet long.

It smells like a radish. However, it is not a good idea to try the fruits of this tree. To humans, they are inedible and even poisonous. Although the aborigines use them in their folk medicine and pagan rituals. In addition, if these “zambian meats” to dry, they are not bad fuel.

What do you think of this african sausage tree?

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